Foie gras
with green beans and onion cake.(**)

25,50 €


Hand cut “Jamón
Guijuelo DO
, Catalan
bread and tomato.(**)

28,50 €


Cochinita Pibil tacos”, with red onion, chillis
and a spicy tomato relish (3 units).(**)(L)

17,30 €


Lebanese Mediterranean Mezze. Mohamra, Ktipiti,
Labneh, Arabic bread, olives, spiced lamb and tabouleh

21,50 €


Coca bread with tomato.

3,95 €




Soup or cream of the day.

11,40 €


Batavia salad. Warm
potato, quail eggs, red onion, tuna belly and mustard vinaigrette.(**)

14,95 €


Roasted pumpkin salad with green
beans, spinach, violet potato and honey and rosemary vinaigrette.(*)

14,95 €


Chilli dressing squid salad, green
beans, radishes, coriander, peanuts.(L)(DF)

15,20 €


Naan coca bread, with “escalivada”, braised sardines and sprouts.

14,50 €


Ricotta, feta, pine nuts and pancetta cabbage rolls with chicken stock.(*)(L)(DF)

15,70 €


Artichokes with prawns and meat



Grilled octopus, nduja
creamy purée. chard and “farcillada”.(**)(L)

17,95 €


Grilled scallops with Thai
broth, edamame and zucchini noodles.(*)(L)

21,95 €




Tagliatelle with
traditional beef ragout.(L)

15,95 €


Aubergine ravioli with smoked
scarmozza and aubergine sauce.(L)(DF)

15,50 €


Creamy rice of the day.

16,80 €











Chicken Thai curry with
vegetables and jasmine rice.(DF)

22,95 €


Indian green
Vegetables and basmati rice.(DF)





Fish of the day with sautéed
seasonal vegetables and creamy potato.(*)(L)

25,95 €


Balinese style marinated salmon, served
with basmati rice and water spinach.(*)

23,95 €


Tuna tataki “Balfegó
with toasted sesame seeds and wakame salad.(*)(DF)



Confit cod fillet with ratatouille
vegetable and rustic tomato.(*)

22,40 €




Crunchy pork belly with herb
parmentier, shallots and green olives.(*)(L)

23,95 €


Beef cheek with
creamy sage polenta.(**)(L)(DF)

24,70 €


Black Angus fillet steak with caramelized
onion, baked potatoes, herbs.(*)

25,95 €


Rack of organic lamb from Penedès with roasted
sweet potato, green asparagus and feta cheese.(*)(L)

24,50 €


Duck confit with Hoisin
sauce, served with sautéed rice, pack choi and creamy
fresh beetroot.(*)(L)(DF)

22,95 €





with VAT included




If you have
any intolerance or food allergy,

please let
us know










       Bread service 1,95 €

free bread service 2,50 €



(*) Suitable for coeliacs

(**) Possibility of adaptation for coeliacs

(L) Contains lactose

(DF) Contains dry